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Number of recruiters: Process Engineer Position 1 person

Qualifications of the post:

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years working experience in extrusion, casting, pelleting and film blowing is preferred, and R & D and production experience in colored masterbatch and functional masterbatch is preferred;

2. Understand the physical properties of common plastics, familiar with the production process and equipment of common plastics;

3. Good team spirit, good at communication, strong learning ability, strong logical analysis ability;

4. Strong sense of responsibility and practical ability.

Job responsibilities

1. Participate in the R & D plan design of new products and determine the production process of new products;

2. Be responsible for the daily production and maintenance of pelletizing and extrusion line, and continuously improve the existing process;

3. Participate in the selection and introduction of new equipment;

4. Complete short-term business trip independently