Bullet proof and explosion-proof products

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The bulletproof performance of the bulletproof vest is mainly reflected in the following two aspects: anti penetrating damage and anti non penetrating damage. The bullet will produce great impact force after hitting the target. In some cases, even if there is no penetration, it will cause internal injury to the body, even life-threatening.

Bulletproof clothing can be divided into three types: soft, hard and soft hard complex. Soft bulletproof clothing or soft and hard composite bulletproof clothing is mainly made of special high-performance textile fibers such as UHMWPE fiber. The soft part of soft bulletproof clothing or soft and hard composite bulletproof clothing has much higher energy absorption capacity than that of general materials. Its bulletproof mechanism is mainly to reduce the kinetic energy of bullet head through bulletproof materials, that is, to achieve the bulletproof purpose by "catching" bullet or shrapnel with high-strength fiber as the raw material, and because of the structure of textiles, it has certain softness.

In order to obtain the advanced protective equipment with light weight and strong protective performance, Qingdao Aristocrat Technology Co.,Ltd uses UHMWPE fiber to make weftless fabric composite. Through a large number of tests, on the basis of obtaining valuable first-hand data, a series of new protective equipment are developed by adopting different production processes. Compared with the existing conventional protective products, the equipment has different degrees of performance improvement.