Home textile products

With the development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness and consumption concept of home textiles have changed significantly in recent years, especially with the improvement of people's material life, people no longer pursue simple and comfortable living room, but expect to be more artistic, more ecological, and have a higher level of consumption concept for their own health. They are looking forward to more and better functional household appliances to meet our health needs.

Qingdao Aristocrat Technology Co.,Ltd uses special production process to prepare high-performance textile fabrics by modifying polyethylene fiber, which is used in the production of various kinds of home textile products in the family. It not only meets the requirements of consumers for simple and comfortable home textiles, but also gives home textile products the characteristics of fashion personality, comfort and health.

All kinds of home textile products manufactured by UHMWPE technology will have great advantages: 1. Dampproof and antiperspirant, it can inhibit mite and bacteria. 2. The color is firm and washable, and the color and performance will not be affected by the washing times. 3. Stable property, resistant to all kinds of acid and alkali chemical corrosion. 4. It can contact with the skin directly and has the effect of skin care.

It can be predicted that the home textile products based on UHMWPE fabric will be widely used