Hull surface protection

Solving the problem of Marine protection with original method

We are committed to using the most advanced product solutions to solve the worldwide problem of continuous growth of external surface attachments of ships that have long plagued our customers, And while at the same time taking into account the environmental friendliness of our products

At present, the main way to prevent the attachment of marine organisms is to brush the antifouling paint. The antifouling paint has the disadvantages of short service life, poor durability, environmentally unfriendly and high cost. Copper, lead, tin and other heavy metals will be added to antifouling paint, which are toxic, easy to pollute the environment and difficult to decompose naturally. At present, European Union and other countries and regions have more and more strict requirements on the use of ship paint, and most antifouling paints are expected to be eliminated in the near future.

The second method is to use special alloy to build the hull. The main disadvantages of this method are the difficulty of technology, the high cost of the whole, but the ability to inhibit the attachment of marine organisms is limited, and the use effect is unsatisfactory, so it has not been widely used.

Based on the long-term follow-up and in-depth investigation of the pollution on the ship's outer surface, Qingdao Aristocrat Technology Co.,Ltd puts forward a new scheme of using specific composite materials as the main body to solve the ship's pollution through scientific demonstration. Through independent design and development, we have broken through the application bottleneck of special composite materials that are difficult to process and attach, and produced protective film products that meet the requirements of ship use. We use the innovative process formula to deeply modify the polyolefin materials. At the same time, we use the original processing technology to prepare the composite membrane with special structure, which can be wholly covered on the hull surface by a specific process. This set of composite membrane marine protection scheme solves the industry problem of hull corrosion and microbial adhesion in the simplest and most long-term effective form. At the same time, the material does not contain any metal or toxic and harmful substances, and the surface layer will not fall off or decompose in use, which can be completely environment-friendly.

It is proved by sea trial that this integrated hull-surface protection solution can not only effectively solve many problems of marine antifouling paint, but also has the most advantages of marine antifouling paint. The lightweight composite membrane will not affect the overall stability and navigation speed of the ship, greatly reducing the number and time of ship maintenance. The composite membrane can be coated on the new hull as a whole during the construction of the ship, or applied to the hull surface during the later maintenance of the hull, which can be said to be the most perfect solution for hull protection at present.