Special cable

UHMWPE fiber cable with excellent performance

UHMWPE fiber is one of the three high-tech fibers (carbon fiber, aramid fiber, high-strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber) in the world. Its specific strength is 15 times that of high-quality steel wire and nearly 10 times that of ordinary chemical fiber, which is the most existing fiber. The cable made of UHMWPE fiber is one of the highest strength cables in the world at present, and its strength is about 1.5 times higher than that of wire rope with the same diameter. UHMWPE cable is light in weight, can float on the water surface, about 87.5% lighter than steel wire rope of the same diameter, and has excellent durability, seawater resistance and corrosion resistance. The emergence of UHMWPE cable has replaced the traditional steel wire rope, especially in some special industries. It has been widely used in many countries at home and abroad, and its superior performance has been fully affirmed. The operation time of UHMWPE cable is short, for example, in certain circumstances, the use of UHMWPE cable can significantly improve its mobility and rapid response ability.

Qingdao Aristocrat Technology Co.,Ltd has successfully prepared UHMWPE fiber special cable after years of exploration and test and continuous research with the full support of relevant scientific research institutes and the great assistance of cable customers. The cable has the advantages of small density, high modulus, chemical resistance, good cutting toughness and anti-aging. It has excellent comprehensive performance and can be widely used in defense equipment, aerospace, ocean going ships, naval vessels, ocean fishing, bridge engineering and other fields. At the same time, it has been widely used in marine seismic survey, submarine cable system, sports equipment such as glider cable, parachute cable, mountaineering cable, sail rope, bow string for shooting and other fields.