Wind turbine blades’ protection

Give new life to wind turbine blades

The wind energy is huge, the wind power generation is clean and environmental protection, the cycle of wind power infrastructure is short, and the installation is flexible. Wind power generation has become another important power source after thermal power, nuclear power and hydropower, and it is the focus of power industry development in the future.

As the core component of wind power equipment, blades will be constantly impacted by objects in the use process. Especially when the linear velocity at the tip is up to 100 m/s, the impact force and damage to the blade will be very large when the foreign objects such as sand and hail collide with the blade tip. This will lead to the original design life of the wind turbine blade for decades, which is likely to crack, hole and other damages after several years of using. The original and key excellent aerodynamic shape of the blade will no longer exist, the power generation efficiency will decline more and more seriously, the anti fouling and anti icing performance will also decline significantly, the structural performance will be seriously affected, and even tower collapse will occur in extreme cases, resulting in huge economic loss.

At present, the current maintenance plan of blade damage is to use paint for repair. The coating repair process is not difficult and the cost is acceptable. However, due to the thin thickness, poor resilience and low overall strength of the coating, the service life of the coating protective layer after maintenance is short, and it may be damaged again after maintenance, and the painting operation still needs to be carried out again, and the maintenance cost is still high, which can not be achieved once and for all.

Based on the existing modified polyolefin composite membrane,Qingdao Aristocrat Technology Co.,Ltd has developed a special composite protective membrane for wind turbine blades according to the requirements of wind power industry. In the same way, the modified polyolefin material has the characteristics of strong impact resistance, excellent wear resistance, smooth surface, strong pollution resistance, ice resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance, so as to make the surface layer of blade composite protective film, select specific rubber or elastic material as the bottom layer, strengthen the combination of the surface layer and the bottom layer with special technology in the middle, and make the composite protective film through the exclusively developed production process, Special adhesive is added to make the composite film and the wind turbine blade firmly bonded.

Through the wind power field test, it is proved that the composite membrane blade protection solution can not only retain or strengthen many advantages of the coating repair scheme, but also provide other functional characteristics that the coating scheme does not have, so as to make up for the deficiencies of the coating protection scheme. The light protective film will not bring obvious weight gain to the blade, and will not affect the aerodynamic performance of the blade. It can be said that it is the most perfect solution for the protection or maintenance of the wind turbine blade at present.