Privacy clause

Qingdao Aristocrat Technology Co.,Ltd fully understands the importance of personal information protection. In order to ensure that customers can use the website at ease, the company will pay full attention to and properly manage their personal information.

This privacy clause is applicable to the situation that customers provide their personal information through the website operated and managed by our company.

In addition, when customers use the website, they can decide whether they agree to provide personal information. However, due to the refusal to provide personal information, you may be unable to enjoy the services provided by our company's website, please understand.

Definition of personal information

In this privacy clause, the so-called personal information refers to the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other information provided by the customer on the website operated and managed by us that can identify the customer's identity.

About the purpose of using personal information

When collecting personal information, our company will inform or publicize its use purpose to customers through legitimate means. Personal information will not be used for purposes other than those notified or published to the customer, except with the consent of the customer or as provided by law.

About the management of personal information

In order to achieve the security management of customer personal information, our company will strive to ensure and improve the security awareness.

When dealing with the personal information provided by the customer, strict and fair management will be carried out. Except for the following occasions, the personal information of the customer will not be provided to the third party without justified reasons.

1. With the consent of the customer.

2. When it is necessary to entrust the business related to website operation or the business related to the use and management of customer personal information to other units, it will strictly and fairly supervise and manage the handling of customer personal information.

3. According to the content inquired by the customer and the type of service required, sometimes it is necessary to provide the customer's personal information to the third party within the necessary scope. At this time, the main content provided by the customer will be informed through our company's website and the customer's consent will be obtained.

4. In case of emergency response to protect life, human rights or property security, or cooperation with judicial authorities, police and other public authorities in accordance with the law, or other cases in compliance with laws and regulations, sometimes the customer information will be provided without the consent of the customer.

Warning about the danger of information leakage caused by Internet characteristics

In the process of sending and receiving information through the Internet and e-mail, as far as its characteristics are concerned, information may be stolen and leaked by a third party, so I hope you have a full understanding of its danger.

Collection of information about access

Our company sometimes needs to collect information about the visit and service usage including this website, such as the IP address of customers. The collected information is used to properly and safely manage the operation website and improve the service quality to customers, such as preventing improper access, diagnosing causes and repairing faults when the server and other machines fail, etc., which will not be used or disclosed in connection with the personal information of customers.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Our company will change this privacy policy with the change of laws and so on.

Questions about this Privacy Policy

Our company believes that it is very important for customers to fully understand our handling of customers' personal information. If you have any comments or questions about this privacy policy, please contact our company through the phone number "0532-86668999".