High performance dental floss

Keep your mouth clean

With the development of social economy, people pay more and more attention to their own health. Oral health is an important part of it. Tooth cleaning is an important step in tooth care. Traditional tooth cleaning mainly uses toothbrush and toothpick as tools. However, most of the time, toothbrush can not thoroughly clean the food residue in the teeth gap, and toothpick has the disadvantage of making the gap bigger. Therefore, floss will become an important tool in tooth cleaning.

According to the actual situation, Qingdao Aristocrat Technology Co.,Ltd uses the unique properties of UHMWPE and special production process to prepare high-performance fibers, which are widely used in the field of dental floss. This high-performance dental floss has the following unique advantages: 1、Wear resistant and corrosion-resistant, not easy to break in use. 2、It is not easy to absorb water, moistureproof and antibacterial, ensuring the health of oral use. 3、It is not easy to adhere to all kinds of small substances, which can ensure the cleanness during storage. 4、Strong tensile force, stable chemical performance, no harmful substances even in high temperature environment, safe and guaranteed during use. 5、The thickness of floss can be adjusted according to different situations, which can meet the needs of different users. 6、Excellent experience, no hair and no fracture

The high-performance dental floss solves the disadvantages of traditional dental cleaning tools, makes users free from the problems of dental diseases, maintains periodontal health, and also reduces other diseases caused by dental diseases.