Welcome to Public benefit activities

Make full use of their own advantage resources and technology to contribute to social progress, return to society with a positive attitude, and constantly improve their sense of social responsibility.

  • • Love assistance

  • • Afforestation

  • • Care for the next generation

Fulfill corporate responsibility and pursue common development

The company will carry out all kinds of social public welfare activities in a planned and targeted way

The company makes its own efforts to solve life problems for groups with social difficulties.

Since its establishment, the company has actively responded to the call of the national arbor day, and every year, it will invest some funds in afforestation. The company's " Aristocrat forest" special public welfare fund is also in active preparation.

Adhering to the concept of "actively cultivating the next generation", the company will accept students from colleges and universities to practice every year to help teenagers improve their adaptability to the transformation of campus and social life. It not only absorbs potential talents for the company, but also makes its own contribution to the growth and training of young people.